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Brushing and Flossing

Attention to regular oral hygiene is always vital, however if you have an orthodontic appliance, it’s especially important to maintain a frequent flossing and brushing regime to ensure that decay doesn’t set in. Food particles can easily become trapped between the wires and brackets and if left unchecked, this could cause a host of dental problems such as gum disease.

If you have been fitted with braces you must floss and brush following each meal to keep the gums and teeth as healthy as possible during your treatment. If you’re having any difficulties, the Goldenberg dental team is happy to help you. Should you require any help to choose the best toothpaste, floss and toothbrush for your requirements, ask our team – we’re here to help you to select the best products to suit your appliance and your teeth so you can maintain optimal oral health.

How Do I Brush With Braces?

When you first have braces fitted you may need to adapt your brushing technique to achieve the best effect. Here is a quick tutorial which covers the best way to brush your teeth when you have a brace fitted.

  1. Hold your toothbrush with the bristles at an angle of 45 degrees to the gum.
  2. Using circular motions, brush your teeth gently.
  3. Make sure to brush all the surfaces of every tooth.
  4. Using the brush tip, clean your front teeth’s inner surface on both the bottom and top jaw.

How Do I Floss With Braces?

Flossing can be a challenge for anyone, but if you have braces fitted it can be even more tricky. Your orthodontist will be able to advise you about the best way to floss once you have your orthodontic appliance in place, however this simple guide will help you to get started.

  1. Take 18” of floss and wind it about your fingers. Keep most of it wrapped round one finger. As you use the floss, you’ll take it up with your other finger.
  2. Using the forefingers and thumbs, guide around 1” of the floss between the teeth.
  3. Hold your floss tightly and saw it gently between the teeth. Curve the piece of floss into the shape of a C against a tooth, sliding it gently beneath the gum.
  4. Carefully slide the piece of floss down and up against the tooth and repeat on every tooth.

Follow these simple steps and you should find that your teeth and gums stay as healthy as possible, and free from any food, plaque and bacteria which could build up and cause dental problems.

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