Emergency Care

What Is Meant By Orthodontic Emergencies?

Should something break or become lost on the brace apparatus, this is not really an emergency. It may be dealt with during a regular orthodontist visit. Just call our office during business hours, explain the problem and we’ll arrange an appointment.

A Traumatic Injury

Should be experience a mouth or facial trauma and require emergency treatment, call our office immediately. The emergency answering service contacts the on-call team and we’ll arrange to treat you as quickly as possible.

Pain From Braces

Experiencing some discomfort for one or two days following placement or adjustment of braces is normal. It isn’t an emergency, but it could be uncomfortable, particularly if you’re eating. Try eating only soft food for a few days and take ibuprofen or acetaminophen to reduce the discomfort.

Sores In The Mouth

If you have traditional braces, mouth sores are a possibility. These appear on your tongue, lips or cheeks and, while they’re common, they’re also uncomfortable. You can apply topical anesthetics such as Ora-Gel and Orabase to help the sore to heal and reduce the discomfort. Reapply whenever required using cotton swabs to prevent infection of the area.

Cheek And Lip Irritation

If you have braces, your mouth will take some time to get used to the sensation. Relief wax can be supplied by your orthodontist to alleviate the irritation. Just take off a little piece, roll it up into a ball, flatten it and put it carefully over the part of your brace which is causing irritation. It’ll help you to talk, eat and feel much better thanks to the buffer the wax provides between your lip or cheek and the braces themselves. If you find that irritation is persisting, however, give us a call as an adjustment may be necessary. Don’t worry if you swallow some wax accidentally, it won’t cause you any harm!

What Should I Do If My Brackets Start To Come Loose?

The brackets act as handles, holding the brace wire in place. Usually, brackets will be bonded onto your teeth using adhesive and this makes them stable, sturdy and tough. However, if you have sticky, crunchy or hard foods, the brackets might become loose. This may also happen if you receive a hit to the mouth. Should a bracket break or come loose, call our office. We’ll arrange for you to come in for an examination so that we can determine the best way to fix the problem.

What Should I Do If A Wire Comes Loose?

The braces’ arch wire fits into the bracket’s horizontal slots. The wire will be secured onto all the brackets, but sometimes the wire’s end will start to work out due to chewing and biting, causing irritation. Pushing the wire down again can alleviate any discomfort. Simply use a pencil eraser or Q-tip to push back the wire to make it flat against the tooth. Should you struggle to get the loose wire into a more comfortable position, you can cover it up with some relief wax. This will provide an effective buffer between the braces and your cheek, lips or gums. As an absolute last resort, you can clip the loose wire. If you do this, put some gauze or folded tissue around the affected area as this will reduce the chances of accidentally swallowing the piece you’re snipping off. Always use sharp clippers to snip the wire off and apply some relief wax should the area remain irritated. Call our office to make an appointment to ensure your braces are secure.

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