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iTero Digital Impressions Offers You Comfort, Accuracy And Speed

Here at Goldenberg Orthodontics, we’re proud to offer the iTero Digital Impressions technology for the benefit of our patients. There’ll be no more unpleasant taking impressions with putty these days thanks to this state-of-the-art digital system.

All patients who are good candidates to receive Invisalign aligners will require accurate impressions of their mouth to plan for their effective orthodontic treatment. The detail and accuracy of iTero scans when compared to traditional putty impressions can be compared to watching standard definition and HD television!

Our iOC scanner will capture all the tooth contours and the gingival structures to produce the most accurate digital scans in just minutes. The procedure is non-invasive and is perfect for any patient who is undergoing Invisalign treatment.

How Does iTero Work?

The iTero system has a handheld wand. This takes digital 3D images of prepared teeth. Since the wand isn’t invasive, the patient can swallow and breathe whenever needed as they undergo the procedure. Should they need to adjust or move, that’s possible too since the wand is extremely accurate. It’s very rare that impressions need to be repeated. Also, you’re able to watch your 3D iTero image onscreen while your orthodontist is moving the wand!

Rather than having to ship the impression to the laboratory for scanning, your teeth’s digital image is electronically transmitted to the laboratory. It will therefore be available in Invisalign’s Clincheck system from the following day. The 3D model is usable with every Invisalign service. This includes the Outcome Simulator that will reveal the appearance of your brand-new smile once your treatment has been completed.

What Are The Benefits Of iTero Teeth Scanning?

  • There’s no more need to take impressions with putty, which is a very invasive procedure. There’ll be no more unpleasant aftertaste and a lot more comfort for the patient.
  • The iTero scan is very accurate, and there’s no distortion even if the patient moves during the setting, removal and disinfection process.
  • The patient and orthodontist can see the scan on the screen in real time. This allows for any adjustments to be made immediately so the perfect scan can be taken, and no repeats will be required.
  • The imaging shield is single use, so maximum cleanliness can be guaranteed.

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