Melissa K.

As someone with bad past experiences I couldn't have been placed with a better doctor! Dr.Goldenberg was someone who ALWAYS explained everything he was doing and was very helpful showing me how to take care of my braces for the best outcome.He's someone you can tell takes pride in his work and truly loves what he does. As a patient I felt very comfortable in the chair and cared about as a patient. I would 100% recommend him! He honestly changed my life! I can finally smile again! Couldn't be more thankful!

Mark K.

Dr. Marc Goldenberg has to be the best orthodontist I have ever had the pleasure of having!! He is so kind, caring, intelligent, and passionate about what he does! He exceeds the top care, high respect, and is able to make braces seem not as scary. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed having him as my doctor because he never made promises he couldn't keep like for example he would never tell me I would get my braces on a certain date and then it wouldn't happen. He is very thoughtful to his approach on braces!!I have to say I am so much more confident in my smile knowing that I have the most beautiful teeth and everyone notices my smile when I walk into a room.If you want a FANTASTIC Doctor: look no further because in my personal opinion he is the best!!!

Heather L.

Dr. Goldenberg took a scary, unknown process and turned it into a magnificent journey. He always takes the time to answer our questions (and they are at times endless). He keeps us regularly updated with the progress of my daughter's teeth and their movement. My daughter LOVES going to the orthodontist because he is so approachable. There is not a better orthodontist anywhere!